The present sales conditions regulate the purchase of products and services offered by CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. through the web site www.shop-carolinasanz.com

CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. operates through the web site www.shop-carolinasanz.com exclusively, for Dominican Republic. CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. only makes shipments of national scope.

These conditions of sale apply only in cases where customers buy products from CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. They will not be applied in case that the clients buy the products or contract the services to third salesmen, Marketplace or physical stores.

The previous conditions of use are always applicable when the customer buys products and/or contracts services with CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. through www.shop-carolinasanz.com

Although an effort has been made to show the colour of the garments as close to reality as possible, the colour of the garments displayed on the screen may be subject to variation depending on the quality of the monitor used.

The descriptions of the products offered on the website are made based on the internal documentation of CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L., these descriptions may contain small variations and updates without notice.

The photographs or graphic representations relating to the products, as well as commercial names, are intended to provide as much information as possible to the final customer. CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. reserves the right to rectify images in the strictly necessary cases.

In case that, by circumstances of force majeure there is some incidence attributable to product, it is not available or the article does not correspond with the reality after having made the purchase. CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. will contact the client to reimburse the corresponding amount and solve the incidence. In the case of non-delivery of a product or products, CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.., the client will be able to return the rest of the delivered products without any cost immediately after the delivery.

The client, before carrying out the purchase of the product, will have to review the description and characteristics of the product and any other condition that will consist and to be in agreement with the same ones before acquiring the product. In case of conflict or contradiction, the product descriptions and extra conditions that appear in the sale will prevail over these conditions of sale. When the customer accepts the conditions of sale at the time of purchase of the product from CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L..

The discounts applied to the products offered in www.shop-carolinasanz.com are applied based on the original price of market release.

The price before discounts are applied is the price that appears crossed out on the website. CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. will not be responsible for other customers or third parties publishing prices before applying discounts that are lower than those of CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L..

CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. decides the retail price to its customers. Distribuciones Calzados Banyoles SL reserves the right to modify its retail prices at any time without prior notice. Products will be charged to the customer at the price announced at the time the order is registered.

The prices of the products offered through www.shop-carolinasanz.com include VAT and any other tax.

The prices do not include the shipping costs of the products. Unless otherwise stated during the purchase process.

The purchase of products by the client through www.shop-carolinasanz.com is made following the procedure detailed below.

CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. will prepare your order within a maximum of 48 working hours*. An automatic email will be sent to you confirming the order and the shipment. The purchase of the product will be understood as finished at the moment of the reception of the payment of the price by CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.

(*) The term can be extended in times of sales, high season or force majeure that prevent compliance.

In www.shop-carolinasanz.com you can view the various collections and models available for sale to users and customers. You must select your size, color and units and save in your shopping cart the product or products you want to buy, then you have to fill out the order form. Please note that the fields with (*) are required to complete the order.

All products shown on the website are available for sale. In the product card you can see the availability of each one of them, clicking on the desired size.

To finish the purchase of a Carolina Sanz product you must access your bag in guest mode or by registering with a username and password. Registration can be done before adding the desired products to the shopping bag or later, once you want to validate the order.

Once the order has been processed at www.shop-carolinasanz.com, you will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation.

The customer must pay using the following payment methods: Credit or Visa debit card.

The customer must notify CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. through the contact form or through the mail carolinasanzcaban@gmail.com any undue or fraudulent charge in the card used for purchases in www.shop-carolinasanz.com in the shortest time possible, with the objective that CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. can make the managements and/or clarifications that it considers convenient.

In www.shop-carolinasanz.com the data are transmitted in encrypted form SSL. For the payment with Visa only transactions CES (Secure Electronic Commerce) will be accepted. After verifying that the card is adhered to the CES system, the system will contact the bank that issued it so that the buyer can authorize the purchase. When the bank confirms the authenticity, the card will be charged. Otherwise the order will be cancelled.

Your payment may be refused due to:

a) The card used may be expired.
b) The card limit may have been reached. Check with your bank that the card has not exceeded the amount to be able to make purchases. It may be that some data entered is incorrect. Check that you have filled in the required fields correctly.
CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. declares that it does not have access to or store sensitive data relating to the means of payment used by the customer. Only the corresponding entity processing the payment has access to this data for payment and collection management purposes.

Customers may cancel the order as long as it has not yet been dispatched from the logistics warehouse of CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. You must contact us by e-mail carolinasanzcaban@gmail.com indicating that you want to cancel the order, attaching the necessary information for the cancellation of the order, order number, e-mail and name of the recipient.

In the case that the order has already been dispatched, if the customer wishes to cancel an order, he must proceed to RETURN it, as indicated below.

In the case of order extensions, the customer must contact customer service. The order will be cancelled as long as it has not been dispatched from our warehouse and the customer will be reimbursed in full. The customer is free to place a new order with the desired items.

CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. reserves the right to cancel orders in the cases according to the terms and conditions indicated in the previous points.

In the cases where it is appropriate and that the product is sold by CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L., in relation to the products acquired through the web page www.shop-carolinasanz.com, it will be limited to the price of acquisition of such products.

CAROLINA SANZ (CS) E.I.R.L.. reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the present conditions of sale.

The clients and users will always have these conditions of sale in a visible place, freely accessible for as many times as necessary. Customers and users must read these conditions of sale. The acceptance of the conditions of sale is an indispensable requirement for the acquisition of any product in www.shop-carolinasanz.com.